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Handwoven Flag Wristband, Ghana, Nigeria, Africa, Jamaica

Handwoven Flag Wristband, Ghana, Nigeria, Africa, Jamaica

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Our flag bracelet is hand woven. Rep your country

The thread used in knitting is water resistant allowing you to wash dishes, take a shower and even go swimming with your bracelet on. Woven with strong non-elastic thread that is durable and does not break easily.

ORIGIN : Made in Ghana by local artisans

SIZE : adjustable ropes one size fits all.

USE : Can be worn around the clock in casual and official settings.This unique bracelet makes a great gift for most occasions. "This bracelet is hand woven with durable, water-resistant thread that can withstand everyday activities, from washing dishes to swimming. Made by local artisans in Ghana, this one-size-fits-all bracelet is the perfect accessory for any setting, from casual to formal. Surprise a loved one with this unique and versatile gift for any occasion."

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